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Dear Readers,

I am deeply touched by the countless inquiries about my new series. I've tried to respond to everyone personally, but can't be sure I haven't missed a few messages along the way. It's way too early for specifics, but I can confirm this much:

Yes, it's epic fantasy
. Yes, the first book is complete, and the whole trilogy is mapped out. Yes, there's a lot of desert adventure. And yes, it's as weird as they come. I tried to compose a pithy "X meets Y" phrase to encapsulate it, and the most honest one I could come up with was "Dune meets The Road meets Life of Brian." No, I'm not pulling your leg.

Thank you again for your messages, your compliments and your loyalty. I'll post more news when I can.



In Other News:

The Night of the Swarm:
Celebrating the End of the Voyage

I have no words to tell you how glad I am to bring you the final, enormous, crazier-than-anything-that's-come-before chapter in the lives of Pazel, Thasha, Neeps, Marila, Felthrup, Hercól, Captain Rose and all the others. Here on my new site, I've posted a Chathrand Voyage Quartet glossary and dramatis personae, a synopsis of the earlier books and a variety of other goodies. You can also check out the Book IV map and my Series Trailer:  

(huge thanks to Jon Labes & Ali Pinschmidt for their amazing work on this video).

I've recently posted Chapter Two of The Night of the Swarm on my blog. You can also download the prologue & Chapter One or read them online. Also have a look at this two-part essay on the Origins of the world of Alifros. And thank you for stopping by.

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