Robert V.S. Redick

Latest News

• THE QUARTET IS COMPLETE. The Night of the Swarm went on sale in the U.S. on February 5th. If you're buying online, please consider ordering through a local bookstore (Indybound is here to help you), or at the very least through Barnes & Noble, which needs your business more than Amazon.

• Meanwhile, THE U.K. Kindle version is FINALLY AVAILABLE! No, you're not dreaming. Three months after publication day, it's here.

• Book IV has its own map! The Efaroc Peninsula (part of the Empire of Bali Adro) can be seen in all its glory here.

• Good news! The Trantor Audiobook version of The Night of the Swarm is now for sale at all the regular outlets. The superb Michael Page is once more the reader.

• As you may have seen on the home page, I've released a fairly funky book trailer introducing the series (and especially The Night of the Swarm). No six-figure CGI budget for this one, but I like to think it's fun and informative.

• This is a fine but wistful moment: the end of the Quartet, and a farewell to the characters I've come to love so much. That simple fact still feels bigger than anything I'm doing to mark the occasion. Still, I am marking it, with this new website, some guest blogging, at least one truly weird contest (details to follow, he said mysteriously) and more and darker chocolate than usual.

• My two-part essay on the Origins of Alifros  is up on the Gollancz Blog (for Part II, click here). My editor Simon Spanton has also written a very flattering post about the Quartet.

• As noted elsewhere, I have a short story appearing in Shawn Speakman's amazingly high-powered anthology Unfettered. The list of contributors is seriously humbling, and the book's proceeds will be used to offset Shawn's bills for cancer treatment. A good cause and a great lineup; I'm honored to be part of it.

• I'm very sorry to announce that Gollancz has recently cancelled plans to issue a hardback edition of The Night of the Swarm. This is an immense disappointment to me and, as I'm hearing, to many of my readers. Thank you for your encouraging words. If you had planned to buy a hardback, please click here to let me know. I'm curious to know how many people this cancellation affects. You can also read my blog post about this decision.