Robert V.S. Redick

Calendar & Key Dates

The Alifros Calendar

The twelve months of the Western Solar Year are

  • Halar, Fuinar, Sultandre (the spring months)
  • Vaqrin, Ilqrin, Modoli (summer)
  • Teala, Freala, Norn (autumn)
  • Umbrin, Ilbrin, and Modobrin (winter)

Each month has exactly 30 days. New Year’s Day is the first day of spring (1 Halar). Once every 17 years, a four-day Baalfürun (“Carnival of Madness”) precedes the New Year. These four days are not part of any month.

Key dates in the history of Northwest Alifros

-1231 Old Faith born when Mäsithe of Ullum builds the Black Casket
-1228 Fall of Bectura, last of the Amber Kings
-501 Shattering of the Black Casket
-500 – -489 The Worldstorm rages throughout Alifros; most societies collapse; the Lost Age begins
-493 Death of Sathek, Great Famine in the Mzithrin
-481 Worldstorm ends
-220 Erithusmé enters the ice cave of Nohirin, becomes the greatest mage in Alifros
-167 Lost Age ends with the defeat of Hurgasc the Torturer in Caral Tsom.
1 Rinfaith born when the Ninety Rules are collected in a single tome. Empire of Arqual proclaimed after Battle of Ipulia. Shards of the Black Casket recovered and placed in the Towers of the Kings; birth of the Mzithrin Pentarchy
343 – 359 Brushfire Wars (Ipulia/Utrej Vs. Mzithrin)
440 Abduction of the ixchel by men of the Bali Adro
512 - 516 Chereste Highlands War (Arqual Vs. Mzithrin)
755 Magad I crowned Emperor of Arqual  Year of Regicides in Dremland, Westfirth, Opalt, etc.
839 The thirteenth edition of The Merchant’s Polylex published in Etherhorde
860 – 867 First Sea War (Arqual Vs. Mzithrin)
883 – 887 War of the Tsördon Mountains (Arqual Vs. Mzithrin)
888 – 889 Sugar War in the Nelu Rekere (Arqual Vs. South Isles Alliance)
892 – 901 Second Sea War (Arqual Vs  Mzithrin). Rise of the Shaggat Ness and the Heresy of Gurishal; civil war cripples the Mzithrin. The Shaggat, defeated, flees east. His ship the Lythra sunk by Arquali Navy off the Haunted Coast, ending both wars
913 Magad V crowned Emperor of Arqual after strange death of Magad IV
925 Pazel Pathkendle born to Gregory and Suthinia Sadralin Pathkendle; Thasha Isiq born to Eberzam and Clorisuela Isiq; Clorisuela dies six days after childbirth, plummeting from a balcony
932 Eberzam Isiq puts down rebellion on Ibithraed, returns to find Syrarys delivered as a gift from Magad V
933 Assassination of Ulmurqat, one of the five Mzithrin Kings, nearly triggers a fourth war between the empires
936 “Rescue” (invasion) of Ormael. Pazel Pathkendle made a prisoner of Arqual
941 Chathrand launched from Etherhorde.  7 Teala chosen as date for signing of the Treaty of Simja and the start of the Great Peace